About Royal Ingredients

Our cooperation with Jäckering gives new opportunities and enables us to expand our global market reach with a top quality German product. We are pleased with this cooperation and the benefits which we can now present to our customers.

The Royal Jäckering brand stands for a solid product brought to you by a solid team of 2 companies that share the same vision: the customer is king and we must keep him satisfied !

Ben Broersen
Commercial Director
Royal Ingredients Group B.V.

Royal Ingredients Group is a global supplier of raw materials for food and non food industrial applications. We offer a complete range of carbohydrates (native and modified starches, dextrose, glucose and maltose syrups), polyols (liquid and powdered sorbitol and maltitol) and vegetable proteins (from potato, rice, soy and wheat).

Operating from our head-office in Alkmaar in The Netherlands and with support offices in the USA, China and Nigeria, we provide our customers timely, consistent and reliable supplies and an efficient service.

We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our customers, for the benefit of both.

Others are claiming they do the same, but let us show you that we can do better.

We look forward to doing business with you.